Our CEO, Graham Gaston, went to the prestigious Pitch@Palace 10.0 on Tour contest in Edinburgh on 2nd July.

What a day it was!

It started with a session full of advice on pitching. Not nerve-wracking at all so shortly before the actual pitch! We had plenty to discuss.

Pitch Preparation

Then some networking and lunch.

networking lunch at Pitch@Palace

We even met the Duke of York!

Duke of York speech

Eventually, Graham got to deliver his pitch. It’ll need some work, but he did a good job, especially considering that the pitch got turned on its head in the morning session.

Finally, the winners were announced: Dialexy (certified translations), TurtlePack (kids swimming aid) and Lilypads UK (affordable sanitary pads).

Pitch@Palace winners

These three businesses won a guaranteed pass to the pitching Boot Camp in Cambridge this autumn. The other businesses might still get a chance to attend if the judges select them later on. So, it might not be all over for Sensalytx!

Pitch@Palace is not so much about winning money. It is about networking. It is about gaining access to people who you might never meet otherwise. 

Fellow entrepreneurs, if you ever get a chance to participate, use the opportunity! The Duke of York’s “little black book” or any of the other valuable connections in the Pitch@Palace network might just open the right door for you and give you that break you’ve been working for.