Our vision

Our vision is to make siloed sensor data analyses a thing of the past by maximising the value of existing data and integrating your data sources to help make powerful decisions.


Our pioneering software platform, Q-DOS™, utilises artificial intelligence to analyse and visualise your data to generate user-focussed, decision-ready reports.

Q-DOS™ is currently developed for not only multiple applications in the energy sector, but is equally applicable across various other industries, where large sensor derived data sets are being generated but undervalued.

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Our Team

Our team comes from an oil and gas background with extensive experience in downhole data analysis.

Sensalytx Team


We have three big asks…

Our asks are data, investment, mentorship
We require historical well data to teach the artificial intelligence within Q-DOS™. The more data we feed into Q-DOS™, the more efficient and accurate its powerful analytical capability will become. That is why every single user benefits from securely sharing data with Sensalytx. If your company is willing to confidentially share downhole or other types of data with a view to recovering value which may have been missed, please get in touch. Collaborators will benefit from premium access and support for the Q-DOS™ analysis and interpretation software.

We are seeking funding opportunities to continue to finance the software development. Please get in touch if you are interested in investing in Sensalytx.

We are looking for experienced technology business advisors with experience with SMEs to help our business grow in the Energy sector and beyond. Have you been through the start-up journey before? Are you willing to share your lessons learned? Then we’d love to hear from you!