Our vision

is to make un-realised value from technical data and siloed analyses a thing of the past. We will enable operators to make maximum use of their data by integrating the various sources and automating much of the analysis and reporting.


We are currently developing Q-DOS™, an artificially intelligent, modular software platform for data analysis and visualisation that produces end-user appropriate, decision-ready reports.

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Our Team


We have three big asks…


We require historical well data to teach the artificial intelligence within Q-DOS™. The more data we feed into Q-DOS™, the faster and more accurate will be its powerful analytical capability. That is why every single user benefits from sharing data. If your company works with downhole data and is willing to supply relevant data, please get in touch. Early collaborators will benefit from premium access and support once Q-DOS™ is ready for release.


We are seeking funding to finance the software development. Please get in touch if you are interested in investing in Sensalytx.


We are looking for experienced technology business mentors or advisors. Have you been through the start-up journey before? Are you willing to share the lessons learnt? Then we’d love to hear from you!